Data in ocsESTdb:
Categories EST Unigene ORF Peptide
A.hypogaea Ahy_est.fasta Ahy_unigene.txt Ahy_orf.txt Ahy_pep.txt
B.napus(high oil) Bna_HO_est.fasta Bna_HO_unigene.txt Bna_HO_orf.txt Bna_HO_pep.txt
B.napus(low oil) Bna_LO_est.fasta Bna_LO_unigene.txt Bna_LO_orf.txt Bna_LO_pep.txt
G.max Gma_est.fasta Gma_unigene.txt Gma_orf.txt Gma_pep.txt
S.indicum Sin_est.fasta Sin_unigene.txt Sin_orf.txt Sin_pep.txt
Categories Interproscan&GO COG Nr Database Swiss-Prot TrEMBL Compared to A.thaliana
A.hypogaea Ahy.ipr&go.out Ahy.cogs.out Ahy.sp.out
B.napus(High Oil) BnaHO.ipr&go.out BnaHO.cogs.out BnaHO.sp.out
B.napus(Low Oil) BnaLO.ipr&go.out BnaLO.cogs.out BnaLO.sp.out
G.max Gma.ipr&go.out Gma.cogs.out Gma.sp.out
S.indicum Sin.ipr&go.out Sin.cogs.out Sin.sp.out

Pathway and Metabolism
Categories Acyl-Lipid Metabolism KEGG pathways Metabolic network
A.hypogaea Ahy.kegg.out
B.napus(High Oil) BnaHO.kegg.out
B.napus(Low Oil) BnaLO.kegg.out
G.max Gma.kegg.out
S.indicum Sin.kegg.out


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