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     Bassica oleracea gene family is predicted based on structure characteristic using conserved domain of HMM profiles, which were downloaded from Pfam database. The software package HMMER v3.0 is employed to detect the domains of the members of gene families using Hidden Markov Models (HMM) profile from the Pfam protein families database v26.0. “trusted cutoff” parameter of the protein domain HMM generated by Pfam protein families database was used as the threshold for detecting protein domain hits.
Name Main Domain HMM Profile Type
14-3-3 Gene Family 14-3-3 PF00244 1 family
Amino Acid/Auxin Permease AAAP Family Aa_trans PF01490 1 family
Antiporter Super Family Na_H_Exchanger PF00999 1 family
Cytochrome b5 Cyt-b5 PF00173 1 family
Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter Gene Family (ENT) Nucleoside_tran PF01733 1 family
EXO70 exocyst subunit family Exo70 PF03081 1 family
F-Box Gene Family F-box PF00646 1 family
FH2 protein (formin) Gene Family FH2 PF02181 1 family
FtsH Gene Family Peptidase_M41 PF01434 1 family
Histidine Phosphotransfer Proteins Hpt PF01627 1 family
IQD Protein Family IQ PF00612 1 family
Kinesins gene family Kinesin PF00225 1 family
Major Intrinsic Protein MIP Gene Family MIP PF00230 1 family
Mechanosensitive Ion Channel Family MS_channel PF00924 1 family
MLO Gene Family mlo PF03094 1 family
MRS2 Gene Family CorA PF01544 1 family
NADPH P450 reductases Flavodoxin_1 PF00258 1 family
NBS gene family NB-ARC PF00931 1 family
Nucleobase Ascorbate Transporter Gene Family Xan_ur_permease PF00860 1 family
Peroxidase, class III Peroxidase PF00141 1 family
Phytocyanin Family Cu_bind_like PF02298 1 family
PP2C_gene_family PP2C PF00481 1 family
Protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP) family DSPc PF00782 1 family
Sulfurtransferasese/Rhodanese Gene Family Rhodanese PF00581 1 family
U-box Gene Family U-box PF04564 1 family
Xyloglucan Fucosyltransferase1 XG_FTase PF03254 1 family
Super Family
Name Main Domain HMM Profile Type
Transcription Factor Families .......... .......... Multi subfamilies
Cytochrome P450 Gene Families p450 PF00067 Multi subfamilies
Protein Kinase Gene Families pkinase PF00069 Multi subfamilies
ARIADNE Gene Families IBR PF01485 Multi subfamilies
COBRA Gene Families COBRA PF04833 Multi subfamilies
Expansin Gene Families DPBB_1 PF03330 Multi subfamilies
Glutathione S-transferase Gene Families GST_N, GST_C PF02798 PF00043 Multi subfamilies
Plant Defensins Gene Families Gamma-thionin PF00304 Multi subfamilies
@2012 Department of Genomics and Molecular Biology, Oil Crops Research Institute.