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# Genome component page

User can browse genome components of S. indicum, including putative genes, repeat elements and non-coding RNA by popup manu and also can click cartoon picture of pseudochromosome to get information of corresponding pseudochromosome. For putative gene, there are 3 parts in this section, gene basic information, putative function and sequences.

# Linkage page

User can browse the genetics linkage group of S. indicum by clicking the tab. From each cartoon picture of genetics linkage group, users can get information of genetics linkage group and corresponding markers which can be used to anchor scaffolds from S. indicum genome. 

# colinear regions page

This is an colinear regions example between S. indicum and A. thaliana genome.  In this page, colinear regions with different length were distinguished by different colors. Through clicking pseudomolecular chormosome ID, user can browse colinear regions  between target chromosome and corresponding species.


This is an colinear regions example between A. thaliana  Chr01 chromosome and S. indicum genome. Users can retain that there are 97 colinear regions between  A.thaliana  Chr01 chromosome and S. indicum genome.


Picking up a region of A. thaliana Chr1 chromosome as an example, users can browse details of target regions compared to S. indicum genome. Further, users can get gene pairs between the two regions.

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